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shutterstock_152435144If you want to optimise your website, i.e. make it ‘search engine friendly’, a basic rule is to ensure your spelling and grammar are perfect.

Laurence Jones Interview with Self Publishing Authors

Here is the interview conducted recently this year by Self Publishing Authors.
The most common question we received being: Can you recommend a good copy editing service for my book?” We were lucky to be approached by Laurence and immediately commissioned him to take care of all our forthcoming books. Here is our initial discussion.

You have completed your book and may believe its perfect. Are you sure? When authors bypass the professional publishing system, editing is among the most essential aspects that publishers perform in the process. Merely because you’ve opted to go down another path does not mean that the demands for editing are any less stringent. In fact, it’s even more important for you to have other eyes look over your text due to the fact that your writing credibility is on the line. No subject or category is immune from this procedure.


It’s a great feeling to have completed your essay and you will have every reason to feel proud of yourself. Unfortunately your efforts will have been in vane if you fail to have your work proofread. Proofreading and editing are not optional extras. If you want to submit your work unchecked then you will lose marks. It’s that simple. However, it’s not all bad news. There are things you can do to spot errors or omissions in the content of your work. Here are a few tips you may may wish to consider.

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